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Let's break the cycle of period pain, discomfort, and disruption, together.

💜 Zoe Fields, CEO & Cleo’s Ambassador Team

At Cleo, our mission is to help women stay on their A-game every day of the month. We’re dedicated to breaking the cycle of period pain, discomfort, and disruption.  

Done with the days of being told to pop an ibuprofen and crawl back into bed, we've created a collection of therapeutic health and wellness remedies to relieve pain and period symptoms. We’re also devoted to shattering menstruation myths and taboos, opening up the conversation, and celebrating femininity in all its glory.

And we’d love your help. If you're a wellness enthusiast, an athlete, a lifestyle blogger or vlogger, or a period and/or women's health activist, then we encourage you to Apply to our Ambassador Program to become a part of our team and earn financial rewards, merchandise, free products — and a leadership role in our community.

Let’s put an end to monthly suffering, together. Period.

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